Tiny Dragon as she was discovered in a bag of party she had got into for the past two years.

COTTAGE STREET, USA — Local figuine and good-time hustler Tiny Dragon was found partying inside a fine leather tobacco pouch late yesterday on Hallows’ Eve Eve in the prestigious Cottage Street Cultural District of Easthmpton, Massachusetts. She has been missing for two years. Sources reveal the package was uncovered during a de-hording raid of a fourth floor sweatshop. The 1/72ish-scale-table-top-wargaming-figurine seemed to move with some difficulty. Her only comment to a flood of questions from reporters was “…wait, what?”

Longtime friend and celebrity holiday ornament Redbird rushed to the scene on a mud caked Harley-Davidson Softail. He wove through a barage of flashing cameras to speak with Tiny-D in a cordoned off corner of the drawing board.  The plastic dragon was then transported from the scene by a small helicoptor emblazoned “DDD” in golden letters which is the Triple-D corproate logo.

It is unclear why this tiny Victorian doll head is rolling around on top of a small electronics project breadboard.

“I did not even know she was missing” sighed a tiny porcelain doll’s head. “I was buried in a 107 year old Holyoke trash pile for 107 years. My cloth parts were rotted, gone well before the Great War and who knows where my arms and legs be? My head is beyond being bald being completely hollow and bearing a crater atop, for whatever phrenology is worth. What kept me going is that I’m Irish”

“What a happy Halloween it’s turning out to be!” clucked Redbird to reporters. When asked about a backlog of projects at Triple-D International since Tiny-D’s disappearance he replied “Well, I suppose the rumours are true. There are so many abandoned projects . . . I’d like to see us finish the Petit-Four-Food-Bank-Wagon in time for Small Animal Thanksgiving. It’s a deserving project and I think we can do it.”

Engineers may transform this abandoned skull into the all terrain Petit-Four-Food-Bank-Wagon. It has been garaged at Triple-D International for at least two years.